As a rule, open source software is a well-developed set of subroutines and functions. Its technical supremacy is the main reason why many developers and companies worldwide prefer open source software. Open code draws intelligent brains in the technical sector. Whereas closed source software is developed by a small group of specialists, open source software can be built by thousands of skilled and motivated app and web developers.


In general, open source software is considered to provide a high level of security. It directly relates to the availability of the source code. Thus, open source development libraries can be always under the close monitoring of many thousand developers from all around the world. We at Necksystems are carefully picking the best pieces from available open source components, crafting and fine-tuning them and, finally, putting them together in one united&integrated rock-solid system. Starting with complete ERP solution and Private cloud collaboration system and ending with entire computer&server operating system. Putting the open source stars together in amazing and spectacular Constellations!

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